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Nexen passes driving school test with flying colours

It goes without saying that tyres fitted to driving school vehicles need to be extra reliable, super-resilient and up to the daily challenges of learner drivers putting them through their paces.

So, with this in mind, we were happy to receive some recent first-hand feedback from a driving school owner who has been using Nexen as his tyre of choice on his vehicles for the past five years.

Tony Salamone, from Pro Am Driving Schools says he has tried other brands but that he finds Nexen “unbeatable” lasting him 40,000km – which is truly excellent mileage for a driving school vehicle.

“Being a driving school, the tyres get driven a lot harder than your average everyday driver as we are constantly dry steering with 3-point turns, parking and making a lot of left and right turns in side roads,” says Tony.

“The Nexen tyres have unbelievable grip and handling from brand new right through to when they need replacing and they are seriously brilliant in the wet as well as dry conditions. I sincerely hope that Nexen stick around for years to come.”

Thanks so much for your words of endorsement Tony, and we certainly trust your latest set of Nexen tyres continue to deliver on their reputation to your school and students!